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I’m quiet and shy. I'm from Minneapolis, MN. My favorite band is The Cure, and I’m hugely influenced by Tyler, The Creator. The sound of every album is different, but the pillar always being a deep love for gothic rock, darkwave, hip-hop, and post-punk. I love sub bass, reverb, and cheap synthesizers.


It’s hard to say who influences what, or know how to quantify influence. I think sounds from the music that resonates with me gets jumbled up and spat out as honestly as I can. Some of the creators of those sounds are The Cure, Joy Division, Depeche Mode, Earl Sweatshirt, Lil Peep, Tyler, the Creator, Slowdive, and Sisters of Mercy.


I dropped my latest project, Erin, in December on all major streaming platforms. It is a concept album about love, trauma, and panic.



"If you like your Hip Hop dark and heavy I really couldn’t recommend Aaron Avis as an artist enough(...) His experimental and alternative approach to Hip Hop fuses a Prog Rock Guitar-Driven chaos into his soundscape in a way I’ve never heard before."

- A&RFactory.com

"(ZION is) a nine track album of dystopian membrane that, like a wrecking ball, lays to waste all within its reach, leaving behind a trail of industrial destruction in roughly thirty seven minutes of pulsing instrumentation, intense vocals, and stern percussion."