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I am a pop and hip hop artist from Minneapolis, MN.

My whole life I’ve struggled with trauma, chronic depression, and a panic disorder. As a teenager I would isolate myself, and the only thing that made me feel understood and connected to other people was music. Artists like The Cure, Joy Division, and Type O Negative helped me understand myself, and helped me feel less alone. I want to do with my music what these artists have done for me my whole life: to provide a safe haven for trauma and emotional abuse.

After losing myself to an emotionally abusive relationship I started to find myself for the first time in my 20’s. I moved out of my mom’s house, came out as bisexual, and started addressing the trauma that choked out who I was. And in turn, my striving for honesty and vulnerability made my music more raw than ever. 

After releasing two albums that came from a place of self-loathing and a lack of self I decided to start over. The album “Erin” was a hard reset; a piece about struggling to cope with trauma and my panic disorder. My upcoming album, “Gabriel,” is about the abusive relationship that consumed me; and finding the strength to love yourself.



"If you like your Hip Hop dark and heavy I really couldn’t recommend Aaron Avis as an artist enough(...) His experimental and alternative approach to Hip Hop fuses a Prog Rock Guitar-Driven chaos into his soundscape in a way I’ve never heard before."

- A&RFactory.com

"(ZION is) a nine track album of dystopian membrane that, like a wrecking ball, lays to waste all within its reach, leaving behind a trail of industrial destruction in roughly thirty seven minutes of pulsing instrumentation, intense vocals, and stern percussion."